Parked BMWs are catching on fire. This one is disturbing for multiple reasons. Sure, it’s a sure small sample of BMWs when compared to all of them on the road, but the fact that it’s been a cross section of BMW cars from different years and the fact that they’re catching on fire when parked — often for multiple hours all make it disturbing.

Bad Maintenance

Parked BMWs Catching on FireThe other thing is BMW has blamed its owners for bad maintenance, rat’s nests, etc. Bad maintenance is unlikely on a 2016 car — one that is featured in the ABC report. BMW has found no common thread among the fires, nor really ensured its customers it’s stepping up. That’s the scary part to me.

The vehicles in the video in the link below includ BMWs as old as 2003 and as new as 2016. With as many electronic systems as BMWs (and most modern cars) have, even with the engine shut down, a lot of current is still running through cars to make them ready for the next time they start up.

While our 2012 328i has been fine since we got it a year and a half ago, it only takes on incident. Amanda wants me to start parking it in the driveway, instead of in the garage which is right under our master bedroom.

Time for a Trade-In?

My thing though is if the car is that much of a possible liability, shouldn’t we be looking at a new car? It’s a fun car to drive and hasn’t cost me anything really outside of normal maintenance thus far. But my first BMW may be my last after this report. Sensational? Maybe. But maybe I need to find a car that doesn’t have the possibility of spontaneously combusting while parked.

Source: ABC News – Parked BMWs bursting into flames leave owners with questions

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