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I came across this Online Product Graveyard web site via Smashing Magazine newsletter, and honestly have thought about doing a micro site on a similar topic of all the web sites, apps and services that have come and gone.

The site honors (or not) web sites, applications and technologies that have become extinct.

Online Product Graveyard

Some of these I remember. Most of those I can see why they have gone by the wayside, but even more I’ve never even heard of.

The site gives a brief rundown of the service, its cause of death, lifespan, what it’s remembered for and its last known residence. Then it offers a few existing alternatives, along with their net promoter score. Well done.

You can also submit your own “autopsy,” if you don’t see a product, site or service that’s come and gone. I just suggested the Pact app.

A few I still am grieving that’s in their featured product graveyard:

Google Reader (and immediately transitioned and still use to Feedly)

Actually, that’s about it. The rest of the services, I’ve never heard, never used, or don’t miss/lement.

The whole deceased products list is much more substantial than the featured, but still just as loaded with things you probably never heard of or used, though there are some. Remember Adobe Fireworks or Delicious (or was it delici.ous?)?

Regardless it’s a cool little archival site and a bit of a trip down web/app memory lane.

Product Graveyard

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