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Notice the Lack of Cycling Posts?

Cycling SignNotice the lack of cycling posts? Make that, notice the lack of cycling? The biggest excuse is that currently, I’m working two jobs, bringing in the big bucks.. err bringing in some money. It’s been consisting of a fair number of hours away from the house. Besides missing my wife and little boy, the other huge thing that’s getting neglected are my bikes.

While my second part time job will get a reduction in hours after this first bit of training, I’m really missing my other training — on two wheels. So something’s going to change. Hours will go down, so that’s a plus in the available time. But I think especially on days with double shifts, I’m going to be looking at riding at lunch. I’ve always enjoyed the bike commute as well, so that’s another way (on non-two job days).

Regardless, missing the wife and kid with long hours is an obvious, but I’m missing my Specialized Tarmac and Allez hanging in the garage as well. In the end, the second job is going to help us pay off some stuff. Some short term discomfort, extra tiredness and lack of time for stuff at home should pay dividends. But here’s to making some changes and efforts to get regular rides in on as many days as possible, and hopefully ease back into the race calendar for 2011.


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