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Not Sure About This Ghostbusters Remake

While I really like the cast, I’m really leery about remaking Ghostbusters. A Ghostbusters remake. Did we really need to go there?

Ghostbusters Remake 2016

Not Sure About This Ghostbusters RemakeGhostbusters to me is one of the sacred films from my childhood, almost up there with the Back to the Future trilogy. It stands up and the cast is the perfect entourage. While the 2016 version with its female-backed crew is also a great entourage, it’s the remaking of a classic that I’ve got issue with.

This is all based on the trailer (embedded below), but while the trailer references the the original being 30 years ago, this film looks to be a redo of the original, not a sequel or companion. It’s weird though, as the Ghostbuster car, the Ecto-1 is still a Cadillac Hearse, the old firehouse is there and even Slimer have returned.

But everything else in the trailer looks to be seemingly brand new. I’m not sure. I’m just not sure. It’s cliche to say that Hollywood’s run out of ideas and/or that they’re cashing in on the nostalgia of the original, but both seem to be true in this instance.

The female leads all seem to bring humor to it that liken it to the first, but it still feels wrong. I doubt I’ll see it in theaters, but originally will have to check it out, if nothing but to see how bad they butchered an 80’s classic comedy. No offense to what are most likely good comedic performances. I just wish they had done a new film, rather than rehashing an old one that’s such a classic — as classic as a comedy can be from the 80’s. Other than studio execs, I really don’t think anyone was chomping at the bit for a Ghostbusters remake.

The piano-based version of the original Ghostbusters theme song that starts the trailer is a nice homage though.

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