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Not My Sport

Great column from bicycling.com. I think this speaks to the majority of cyclists out there. Like any sport, very few of us are doing the sport at the professional elite level. The part that really speaks to me is one singular paragraph buried in the column:

I tell myself that cycling is my sport, but I’m like a kid playing dress-up. I put on my expensive jerseys and imported shorts and rub lotion into my legs and mix up energy drinks and I suck wheels from the local pros and neighborhood strongmen, and I do my little races, most of which are really just training races, and I sprint for town signs and our arbitrary KOM peaks at lunch and it feels good to win and bad to lose but mostly it feels great just to be out there. The suffering is fun. The risk is fun. Even the aches are fun, the way nursing them is a little like owning an exotic pet.

So true, and written better than I could have/would have expressed it.

Not My Sport


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