So Van Halen’s about to about to begin touring promoting the Tokyo Dome live album released Tuesday. It didn’t take long for a mishap to happen though. Roth clipped his nose while twirling his baton he’s had on the last couple tours while performing for Jimmy Kimmel’s show, allowing the crowd to get an extended Van Halen trio jam session.

Much like the tour promoting their last studio album, A Different Kind of Truth, these videos show that Roth is enthusiastic, but not the best singer in concert — lots of talk. But the three Van Halen men all sounded great. Ed looks distinguished with the short hair a la the Balance tour and the gray in the beard. Thank God Wolfie’s got a good sounding voice to help save the lead vocals.

The live album shows the same from the musicians by the way — Van Halen trio sounds great, Roth is more show than go — same as the last tour. If they come out with another studio album, I’d still go see the tour, but not for a tour promoting the live album of the previous tour.

Jimmy Kimmel Explains David Lee Roth’s Nose Injury During Hollywood Blvd Concert

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