Apple Logo - iPadSo all the rumors leading up to yesterday’s announcement by Apple of their tablet, the iPad left me wondering why in the world I would want this product as a current owner of both an iPhone 3GS and and Macbook. After reading on its features and all, I still don’t get why I would want this, nor why a lot of others in the same boat.

I thought maybe it’d be good for traveling and watching movies, but that’s debunked and a detraction after reading this article: Watching Movies on an iPad: What You See is What you Get. If you read the articles comments and his later revision of his graphic, it’s not as bad as first reported, but the thing still has a lot of wasted space top and bottom for cinematic viewing, but as the commenters point out, that happens in theaters and your HDTV as well. Regardless, it’s better than watching on a smaller screen iPod/iPhone, but you’d still be better off toting your MacBook for movie watching.

I am about to watch Steve Jobs presentation, and maybe my opinions will change, but as it is right, now, iDon’t get it. It’s pricey, and I’ve already got two portable products that can do everything (and more in some cases) than any version of this new iPad. Apple has done some great products including the iPhone, iPod and its laptops are top-notch. But, I definitely don’t see putting the iPad in this category. I’ll be sticking with my iPhone, MacBook and desktop Macs.

8 Things That Suck About the iPad

The article below talks about all the bundled applications. It’s just an iPhone/iPod touch with a bigger screen. Ho-hum and meh.

A Closer Look at Apple’s iPad Bundled Applications

2 thoughts on “iPad? iDon't Get It”
  1. Yeah, I’m with you on the iPad. I’m willing to sacrifice power for mobility and vice versa, but this thing doesn’t seem to offer enough of either. It’s can’t replace the productivity of a laptop, even a netbook, and it lacks the true mobility of a smartphone (if I have to carry it around in my hand or in a backpack, it’s not truly mobile). And considering how much it costs — $500 may be lower than what people were expecting, but it’s still a big chunk of change — that’s a lot to pay for something that doesn’t allow you to do more or travel around with less.

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