I didn’t get a chance to install iOS 8 until this morning on my iPhone 5, and on first blush, other than the additional setup question of family sharing, initially, iOS 8 looked pretty much like 7.

But under the surface, and upon closer inspection, there’s a lot more going on.

There’s a lot of subtle changes and additions, but for me, there are a few new additions that will get the most usage from me personally:

1. Camera tweaks – The native camera app has gained a few new features, including a timer and a time lapse mode. With an iPhone 5, I feared these two features would be absent. Both icons are present now.

2. Predictive text – The native iOS keyboard now has a predictive area above the keyboard that can predict the next word or the current word you’re typing to both increase speed of messaging, but also accuracy of things like auto-correct.

3. Peer-to-peer Airplay – Often the week link at home for me sharing content from my iPhone or iPad is the Wi-Fi network. Peer-to-peer Airplay could really help this, though I’ll have to actually play around with it a bit to get a good sense.

4. SMS Relay – I love utilizing my Macs for iMessages whenever possible. It’s just faster and less intrusive when I’m near my work or home Mac. SMS Relay will allow text messaging as well to relay through the Messages app. It’s not clear whether this needs Yosemite or not, but 10.10 should be out in a matter of days regardless.

5. Health app – While there’s a bunch of potential for the Health iOS app down the road, right now, it has one nice feature that my family will appreciate. As a cyclist and runner, I’m often out alone. In case of an emergency, the Health app has a Medical ID screen that first responders or others could access, even if the phone were locked with its passcode.

There are a ton of other features, but the five above are the ones I see as improvements I’ll take advantage of in the ways I use my iPhone (and iPad to a lesser extent).

You can read the full list of features and tweaks below from MacRumors.com:
iOS 8: New Features

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