So it’s just a little before 6am here in Raleigh, NC. I’m sitting in line on the second floor of Crabtree Valley Mall, home of North Carolina’s second oldest (of four) Apple Stores. I got here maybe 5 to 10 minutes ago, getting in the roped off line queue for my shiny new iPhone 3GS to replace my aging, cracked screen original iPhone Edge.

In front of me, are about 60 early risers. Thankfully, this is a lot shorter than the past two iPhone release days I think, though not completely certain, since I didn’t jump on my phone on release date, nor did I get the 3G.

Phones start selling at 7am and I’m hoping the line and whole process is fairly smooth and uber efficient. Now for the next hour or more, my Edge iPhone will get it’s last hurrah and entertain me til the line starts moving and I actually get into the Apple Store. More mundane blogging to follow. Thankfuly, I’ve got copy and paste now to help post links I’m bound to come across surfing this morning.

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