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I’m Plagued with GymPact and RunKeeper Issues

Just wanted to use my blog as a way to vent today. I’m not sure where the fault lies by GymPact and RunKeeper aren’t playing well together lately, and I find myself having to write a lot of support emails.

runkeeperI’ve been using RunKeeper on iOS for quite awhile to track all my cycling, runs and walks via GPS, and have found it overall to be an awesome app that improves with every software update.

Probably about a year ago, I signed up with GymPact — a device that gives you incentives for working out — You commit to X number of days per week of working out (minimum of 30 minutes). If you make your goal, you get a little cash. If you don’t, you pay. The people who pay pay for those who achieve their commitments.

Lately, I’be been having a ton of issues. I’m not sure if it’s RunKeeper reporting early, or GymPact jumping the gun. Having used RunKeeper longer, and knowing the app is more mature, I really want to put the blame on GymPact.

GymPactGymPact keeps ending my workouts early. I’ve emailed this before, and keep getting the same form letter back that it’s been taken care of, but my GymPact account doesn’t reflect that. Let me give you a glimpse of this week:

Today: 5/9: Run was 5.3mi (52:22). GymPact shows 4.6mi (44:00) and gave message around that time congratulating me on my run, even though I was still in the middle of it.
View the RunKeeper Activity

Yesterday 5/8: Walk was 2.02mi (36:29). GymPact rejected it mid walk as being too short.
View the RunKeeper Activity

Tuesday: 5/7: Run was 7.01mi (1:06). GymPact shows 6.0mi (55:00) and gave message around that time congratulating me on my run, even though I was still in the middle of it.
View the RunKeeper Activity

It’s not a lot of money either way, but when I’ve done so well at making my pact week in and week out, it’s really a kick in the butt that there’ve been so many glitches as of late.

If this can’t get ironed out really quickly, I’m going to cancel my GymPact account and let everyone know how sketchy the service has become. Stay tuned to see how this all works out.

On top of that, I’ve lost my Fitbit One. Hasn’t been the best week for working out.

P.S., this is the form letter I keep getting from Gym-Pact:

Hi Ryan,

We saw that you have been experiencing issues with RunKeeper this week and last week, and we are so sorry about causing you such a headache. We should have caught this issue sooner, but we want you to know that we’ve fixed the bug and it won’t be a problem from here on out.

We’ve gone through all the RunKeeper activities from April 29 to today, May 7, to make sure everything that was unsynced will now be synced.

Previously, if your RunKeeper activity synced long after you completed it, that activity wasn’t being pulled correctly to GymPact. We have fixed this issue for your RunKeeper activities since April 29 and from here on out.

You can refresh your profile to make sure RunKeeper activities are now being counted correctly for this week and last week.

Thanks for bearing with us while we fixed this issue!

If you received this in response to a different issue, not having to do with RunKeeper sync issues, please let us know.


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