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Huge Canes Win

Canes/Flames FightMan, that’s the best hockey game I’ve ever seen in person. Throughout tonight’s match at the RBC Center, the Canes were playing with a cohesion and a spark that I’ve rarely seen watching the Carolina Hurricanes over the franchise’s short history.

They played the Calgary Flames, and really stuck it to them. It was a lot of firsts for me. It was the first time I’d seen a hat trick – Ray Whitney had a hat trick, with that third goal hitting the milestone of his 300th career goal. Very cool! The hats rained down, but I didn’t get a good picture of the hats on the ice, as the hats were very quickly collected by staff to minimize the lull in the action.

It also marked the first time I’d seen a fight. In all, there were four fights the refs let go. Not a whole lot of blows were landed, but it was cool to see the officials let them duke it out. Two of those fights happened right in front of us (we were seated right behind the Canes’ bench).

In the end, Calgary did kill the Canes chance at a shutout, eeking in a single goal, making the final 6-1. Another first – I’d never seen the Canes score that many goals – several of which were scored in rapid succession. It was a totally great game throughout, and with more games like that, the Canes are bound for good things.


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