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Get Ready for 10-Digit Dialing in the Triangle

So the Triangle and its surrounding area is out of phone numbers. Saturday, we’ll all be forced to do 10 digit dialing — not much of a shock to the system for most, as most of the cell networks already required it.

The bigger annoyance will come in the form of an increase in wrong numbers — people needing to dial the new area code for the number but dialing 919 instead, and vice versa.

The new area code is 984 by the way. What a terrible area code to pair with 919.

I’d think with so many people dropping home phone service, there’d be plenty of numbers available. But then again, with many households having two, three or even more cell phones, I guess it makes sense we’re out of 919 phone numbers.

Get Ready for 10-Digit Dialing in the Triangle, NC Area


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