I’m a big fan of the Fitbit. I’ve been a constant user of their beefed up pedometers and pre-ordered the original Fitbit Tracker after they were first demoed/announced at the TechCrunch50.

My biggest issue with the trackers though are they’re just so easy to lose. I actually had several break, and FitBit has been awesome about replacing them.

But I’ve also lost at least two of the trackers, making my cost of ownership sky-rocketed. I’ve owned at least one Fitbit Ultra and Fitbit One after the orginal.

So this last time around about a month or two ago, I decided rather than go with their clip-on versions, to go with the watch-like bands.

They’ve got two currently: the Fitbit Force and Fitbit Flex. The latter is the cheaper, lacking a display or altimeter. I opted for the Force though, as I wanted the display.

They were hard to find in stores, and as it turns out, it may be because there was some controversy related to the force. A little over 1.5% of the Force users have ended up having skin irritation. Fitbit claims people’s skin irritation is related to either the adhesives or the nickel in the tracker.

Others though have claimed they’ve gone to allergists and don’t have allergies to either and hypothesize that it’s radiation burns from the tracker syncing, leaks from the battery charging dock on the Force’s rear side, or possible lead used in the manufacture of the devices.

I’ve luckily not had any problem at all with the Fitbit Force, and with it constantly being on my wrist, I haven’t lost it either.

I hope for my own sake and for Fitbit as a company, none of those end up true.

Earlier this moment, Fitbit announced a voluntary recall of the Force, and discontinued the sale of the Force.

Kudos to Fitbit for doing the voluntary recall at all, but for me, with having no skin irritation, I don’t want to part with my Force till they’ve got a replacement.

So for me, I’m rolling the dice till the next generation comes out, hoping my skin continues to not have any reaction and that a better, safer unit is in the works.

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