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headphones on a desk next to a computerI was an early adopter of podcasts. Over the years, I’ve continued to subscribe and listen religiously to some podcasts. Others have gone to the wayside. And new ones have been added. Here’s the list of the ones I’m currently listening to – some have a professional slant, why others are personal interests, or just guilty pleasures.

I did a post of the list of my podcasts 15 years ago. There’s literally nothing on that list from 2009 that I still listen to. Sadly, most of them don’t even exist now.

Must-Listen Podcasts of 2024

Here are my must-listen podcasts in alphabetical order here in April 2024.

  1. Darknet Diaries – This is the newest addition to my regular listens, and I’m hooked. My manager in one of our weekly 1:1’s introduced me, and I’ve been flying through episodes starting from the beginning, and it’s a great look at the darker side of the Internet — hacking, social engineering and the like.
  2. CanesCast I wasn’t into hockey/the NHL till 26 years ago when the Carolina Hurricanes came to Raleigh, North Carolina from Hartford. We’ve been lucky to be at games I think every 26 years, including being season ticket holders the last few years. The Canes Cast is hosted by commentators, Mike Maniscalco and Shane Willis. They break down recent games, players, and the organization as a whole.
  3. Dave & Dave Unchained Van Halen podcast – I’ve been a Van Halen diehard since middle school, and embrace every version of the band — with David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, or Gary Cherone fronting. This podcast is as diehard as I am. They come out monthly, and have every bit of news, gossip, and interviews with people surrounding the band. It’s lengthy, but monthly, and crucial for any hardcore Halen fan.
  4. The Eddie Trunk PodcastThe Eddie Trunk Podcast – Eddie Trunk is a long-time DJ who has been an advocate for hard rock and heavy metal music. He’s got a history in the music industry, and has a ton of personal connections in hard rock and heavy metal. The podcast is a sampling of his shows on Sirius XM, and features some of the best interviews from the preceding weeks of his satellite radio shows. He’s got strong opinions, and even stronger interviews with musicians, producers, and more within music.
  5. Entre Leadership – This is my go-to for getting insight, tips, and growing as a manager, leader, and coach. This is another one that’s taken from a live radio show, and turned into a podcast. It’s part of the Dave Ramsey network, and has had multiple hosts, but in the recent months, Ramsey himself has taken it back over. It’s been turned back into a call-in show where Ramsey gives advice to small-business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders.
  6. No Agenda podcastNo Agenda – This is probably the longest-time listen on the list, and in general in my podcast subscriptions. It’s a hard one to explain, but in short, hosts Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak, both with backgrounds in media, deconstruct media, its biases, objectives, etc.
  7. Smartless – This is another recent add to my subscriptions, going through their archives. The three hosts, Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, & Will Arnett take turns bringing in guests for interviews. It’s funny, fun and great interviews, whether you’re familiar with the guest or not.
  8. Talkville – This one is a rewatch podcast of Smallville, where two of the actors from the show, Tom Welling (Clark Kent) and Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) rewatch, or watch episodes of the show and react. They occasionally bring other actors and people related on the show for memories and reactions.

Honorable Mentions

These are ones I listen to on a semi-regular basis, when the ones above have been caught up.

  1. Bigfoot Terror in the WoodsBigfoot Terror in the WoodsBigfoot Terror in the Woods – This one is a bit of a guilty pleasure, but also because I know one of the hosts and want to support his work. The co-hosts/brothers talk about bigfoots and other cryptids in the news, as well as listener accounts.
  2. Carolina Insider – As a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill graduate and fan, this is a podcast that touches on everything related to Carolina athletics — a lot about basketball and football, but also touching every other sport on the Chapel Hill campus.
  3. Door Bumper ClearDoor Bumper Clear – For a long time, we were hot and heavy on NASCAR. I ran a site called Closet NASCAR Fan, and got credentials to two of the short tracks on the NASCAR circuit. During that time, I found this podcast with a trio of the sports’ spotters who break down the previous race, and just tell it like it is. I’ve continued to watch, even as my website and interest has waned, as they’re interesting, funny, and it allows me a bit of a connection to the sport still.
  4. Ken Coleman Show – This is the second one on the list from the Ramsey Network. Ken Coleman’s show is a combination of interviews with leaders and call-in for people looking to get the right job that is an intersection of their talents and passions. He’s a positive advocate for finding people the right mindset to find the perfect career.
  5. Security Now – This is another one I’ve subscribed to for years. It follows security on the Internet and has some of the same news and subjects that DarkNet Diaries goes into. Steve Gibson and Leo Leporte discuss important issues of personal computer security weekly.


Obviously, everyone’s going to be different in their tastes, choices, etc., but I wanted to share my regular listens. It definitely shows a little of my interests of sports, technology, leadership, etc. I also need to post my list again before another fifteen years pass. It’ll be interesting to see how many are still in my subscriptions. While the whole list won’t be aligned with your interests and personality, hopefully there are a few you’ll be interested in at least sampling.

Feel free to add to the comments your favorites that may compliment what I’ve posted above.

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