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Tyler and Ryan RunningI’ve been a user of RunKeeper for a long long time. It’s an app (iOS and Android) that via GPS to track your runs, rides, and other workouts. With an optional annual subscription, you can allow others to track your workout live, which is what first attracted me to it — my wife could track me on a bike ride and make sure I was always still moving and progressing on a map.

Despite having “run” in its title, I actually first used it solely for cycling. But over the years priorities have shifted and training time windows have shortened. I’ve moved over to more running, and RunKeeper is still my go-to fitness app.

I’ve seen the app progress, improve and add on features over the years, and it’s expanding in other ways too outside the app. Their social presence, their community and their blog are all great.

Consider Yourself a Runner

An article on their blog that they wrote way back in January still is relevant as the day it was written. Don’t hesitate to consider yourself a runner — no matter your distance or pace.

Being a runner can mean a lot of things and is different for every individual. So if you’re putting your feet to the pavement, trails, or whatever surface, shouldn’t you consider yourself a runner?

There’s a lot of truth in the motivational article. With the ebbs and flows of life, running is something you can readily do, work at and improve on.

RunKeeper has even created a “I am a Runner” campaign that coincides with the blog entry.

Check out the article below that gives over half a dozen reasons why one should consider themselves runners, whether they’re running a few miles a week or knocking down multiple marathons annually.

Source: RunKeeper Blog – 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hesitate to Call Yourself a Runner

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