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Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter is a Full-Fledged Computer

A recent teardown of the Lightning Digital AV adapter shows the thing is a little computer — a mini AirPlay device, which does really help justify the price quite a bit.

Password Management: Remembering Just One Password is Easier and Safer

This is how I’ve been doing my password management for probably the past five years, and highly recommend a solution similar. It makes keeping all your accounts secure, but accessible, and limits one account compromised turning into multiple accounts being compromised. But remember, the biggest security flaw is yourself. Social engineering is by far the […]

“iMac Touch” Parody Video

Fellow Apple fans should find this as funny as I did. By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the iPad Mini commercials playing “Heart and Soul.” This riffs on that commercial and concept. Pretty amusing IMHO.

iOS 6: List of All The 200+ New Features

There’s just not the same excitement surrounding iOS 6 as there have been for past versions of the mobile OS — at least not for me. But, I am a little more excited for its release next month after taking a look at the comprehensive feature list in the article linked below. iOS 6: List […]

E3 2012: Microsoft SmartGlass Connects Xbox to iPhone, iPad

This is something that can and will get some use in our household. Between this announcement and the recent announcement of Amazon Instant Video on Xbox 360, our Xbox 360 in the living room just got a lot more useful. E3 2012: Microsoft SmartGlass Connects Xbox to iPhone, iPad