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Video: 8 Stages of Marathon Running

While I’ve not run a full marathon (yet), I’ve got a half marathon in just over a month. I’ve definitely experienced most of this while training for the half, not to mention some of those long summer training and group bike rides. (more…)

How to Train to Run Your Half Marathon PR

I’ll take any tips, tricks, etc. anyone out there can take for training for a half marathon. While I’m doing my first half in the fall, I know I’ll hit my PR by default — as long as I can finish. Good article regardless on approaching training for a half. How to Train to Run […]

5 Tweaks That Improve Your Run

I can attest to several of these tweaks being helpful, especially the group run as motivation.

How to Increase the Calorie-Burning Effects of Running

Increase your calorie burning via high-intensity interval training with your run workouts.

The 5 Biggest Pre-Race Fueling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Thought this was appropriate for today — as I embark on what’s been sadly the longest ride for me so far in 2013. Active.com has a nice succinct list of the most common/largest mistakes before a race or long run or ride. The 5 Biggest Pre-Race Fueling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them