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Red Hook Criterium 2014 [Video]

It’s been many-a-year since I’ve raced a bike competitively. But even what I was racing and in the best shape of my life, I can’t imagine racing in the conditions in the video of the Red Hook Criterium up in New York this year.

Blue Book Value For Your Used Bike?

Some of us have a bike or bikes as it may be that are worth as much or more than our cars. It only makes sense there would be a place where we could get values, just like you do for cars. (more…)

Shifting Gears: Commuting Aboard The L.A. Bike Trains

Nice article/audio piece on bike commuting trains. It is appalling though the interview near the end with the elderly driver who is nonchalant about wanting to harm and intimidate a fellow human being. Shifting Gears: Commuting Aboard The L.A. Bike Trains

The Armstrong Lie – Official Movie Trailer

I’m looking forward to seeing this. The filmmaker originally was making a documentary about Lance Armstrong and was given good access during Armstrong’s return with Astana. Armstrong lied to the filmmaker’s face obviously about the whole doping thing — probably among other things. (more…)

Cycling Advocacy: I Am Traffic Colloquium Intro Video

Nice intro presentation from the “I Am Traffic Colloquium” in Orlando. It does a great job talking about and illustrating the problems with cycling on the road as it currently is — including people’s perceptions, inaccurate ideas and some ideas and solutions. (more…)