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Robin Williams Bike Collection Up For Auction

Robin Williams’ children have donated deceased the comedian’s bike collection to charity, offering up the bikes via a Paddle 8 auction.

Ace Speedway Race 2008

Raleigh-Durham Cyclist, Bike Thief Wants Back Into Community

High-end bikes were disappearing from the Raleigh-Durham. It turns out that the convicted thief was once part of our cycling community and group rides.

Hidden Motors For Road Bikes a Reality

Forget the performance-enhancing drugs for the body, here’s the performance-enhancer for the bike.

Do Shaved Legs Help Your Time in the Saddle?

While so many of us cyclists shed the leg hair, I don’t think many had any idea that it actually gives a discernible difference in you mile times. (more…)

Red Hook Criterium 2014 [Video]

It’s been many-a-year since I’ve raced a bike competitively. But even what I was racing and in the best shape of my life, I can’t imagine racing in the conditions in the video of the Red Hook Criterium up in New York this year.