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Bike Packaging Modifications Help Cyclists Get Their New Bikes Safe and Sound

A bike company was having a ton of bikes get damaged in transit. A simple package redesign assisted in bikes coming safe and sound.


Robin Williams Bike Collection Up For Auction

Robin Williams’ children have donated deceased the comedian’s bike collection to charity, offering up the bikes via a Paddle 8 auction.

Ace Speedway Race 2008

Raleigh-Durham Cyclist, Bike Thief Wants Back Into Community

High-end bikes were disappearing from the Raleigh-Durham. It turns out that the convicted thief was once part of our cycling community and group rides.

Hidden Motors For Road Bikes a Reality

Forget the performance-enhancing drugs for the body, here’s the performance-enhancer for the bike.

Do Shaved Legs Help Your Time in the Saddle?

While so many of us cyclists shed the leg hair, I don’t think many had any idea that it actually gives a discernible difference in you mile times. (more…)