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Bose headphones

Listening to Podcasts at More than 1X Playback

I’m a Podcast freak. I listen to a ton of them. Anytime I’m alone in the car (commutes, driving to race events for Closet NASCAR Fan, etc., I’ve always got a podcast playing — and usually at more than normal 1x playback. (more…)


Runkeeper Gets Acquired by ASICS

Runkeeper Gets Acquired: Last Friday, Runkeeper announced it had been acquired by athletic gear company, ASICS. Only time will tell how this affects the 8-year-old GPS-based activity application.


1Password: Key File Found to Contain Unencrypted Data

While it sounds like the file format here doesn’t expose logins and password — the ultimate fear for password applications, it does expose the name and address of every stored item — not great for privacy and a bigger attack surface for phishing and social engineering.

Nostalgia-Inducing ‘Back to the Future’ DeLorean iPhone Case

I’ve had the browser tab for for the page linked below open for several months. As both a Back to the Future die-hard and an iPhone fan, I really want to get this iPhone 6 Case.

iOS Released Yesterday – Lots of Tweaks, Addition and Polish

I didn’t get a chance to install iOS 8 until this morning on my iPhone 5, and on first blush, other than the additional setup question of family sharing, initially, iOS 8 looked pretty much like 7. But under the surface, and upon closer inspection, there’s a lot more going on. (more…)