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Bruce Springsteen (With Tom Morello) Cover Van Halen’s ‘Jump’

Man, covers are rarely as good as the original. I definitely have yet to find a good Van Halen cover that is anywhere near as good as the original. I challenge you to find and welcome the comments otherwise.

Here’s an unlikely source of both a Van Halen cover, but also of a pairing of guitarist with a legend. This is from Bruce Springsteen’s new tour stop in Dallax, TX during the 2014 Final Four, where he opens his set covering, Van Halen’s “Jump” with Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave guitarist, Tom Morello on the guitar solo.

The cover’s OK, I just don’t dig the horns section supplementing the syth line. Morello does a great job on guitar though.

Come to think of it, Springsteen does a better tribute to the original than David Lee Roth did on last year’s tour.

Video: Bruce Springsteen Covers Van Halen’s ‘Jump’ at Dallas Show (with Tom Morello)


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