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Bringing Animated GIFs into the Real World

Here’s a crossover you didn’t see coming — animated GIFs becoming physical objects and homages to the the past in places other than your computer display.

GiphyAnimated GIFs, originally the annoyances of the web seen all over sites hosted on GeoCities, MySpace and the like, adding animation and noise to web pages across the World Wide Web. Those “under construction” and animated mailboxes from the late 90’s? Yeah, those are classic animated GIFs.

Recently, they’ve had a resurgence all over the place. They’re now showing up as quick video clips and expressing the Internet’s many memes.

Translating an Animated GIF Into a Physical Object

one little changeBut now, the animated GIF is being brought into the real world via branding efforts of animated GIF search engine, Giphy.com. Giphy is a deep time-waster and simultaneously a nice resource for expressing thoughts and feelings via animated frames within your chat, email or blog posting.

Now, Giphy is using lenticular holograms on their business cards and elsewhere to communicate their brand. Lenticular holograms have been around since the eighties on things like baseball cards. Based on how the item is held, lenticular printing shows short animations. You only have a few frames, but it’s enough to show a batter swinging for the fences or the pitcher’s release on the mound.

So in a way, animated GIFs have come full circle, using a decade-old technology to translate animation on paper.

And they’re not even that expensive, all things considered. They cost less than a buck each to print—more than what you’d pay ordering business cards from Moo.com, sure, but less than what you might pay if you went nuts with a letterpress.

Source: Fast Company – Giphy’s New Brand Identity Uses Holograms To Bring GIFs Into RL


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