Here’s a little bit of a lighter story than the one I posted last night. I absolutely love stories like this, and even more, love that it’s a bike company doing it. I realize the article was posted over three years ago, but it was new to me a couple of weeks, and assume it’ll be new to others as well.

Basically, the story linked below talks about a Dutch electric bike company called VanMoof, that was having a ton of bikes get damaged in transit to bike shops and customers. They identified that large flat-screen TVs had similar-sized boxes and seemed to be respected by shipping companies a bit more.

A simple package redesign mimicked the cardboard surrounding new TVs, and immensely assisted in bikes arrived unscathed.

Source: deMilked – This Dutch Bike Company Used Fake TV Boxes To Ship Their Bikes And It Reduced Shipping Damage By 80%

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