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Movie Fake UIs

I love seeing displays and user interfaces in film and TV in general — it’s a love/hate relationship — seeing the creativity but also scoffing at some of the ludicrous things they make technology do and display. Movie FUI

Garmin HUD Turns Your iPhone into a GPS Heads Up Display

This is a cool little add-on accessory for your iPhone/Car, though $130 seems a bit steep for a mirror/app combo. I like the idea though of turning the phone into a heads up display for your car. Garmin HUD Turns Your iPhone into a GPS Heads Up Display

Central NC Free Racing and Skills Clinic

Something like this would have been great when I was first getting into competitive racing, and encourage any potential NC cyclists looking to get into the competitive scene, to check this out. Ace Speedway is a fun place to race too — a little oval used mainly for motor racing.

Instapaper Creator Marco Arment’s Take on what iOS 7 Means for Developers

Here’s a quick article that makes a lot of sense on developing for the 7th major iteration — and the first major departure from its predecessors of Apple’s mobile device operating system.

How to Train to Run Your Half Marathon PR

I’ll take any tips, tricks, etc. anyone out there can take for training for a half marathon. While I’m doing my first half in the fall, I know I’ll hit my PR by default — as long as I can finish. Good article regardless on approaching training for a half. How to Train to Run […]