ASICS Studio 21-Day Challenge

I’ve spent the last 4 months or so trying to get back in shape, and simultaneously lose weight. I’ve been incorporating a ton of time on a recumbent bike, and recently started also doing some body weight exercises directly after the cardio. But now I’m two days into the Asics 21-Day Challenge. It’s tough, but the variety is good, and it’s free.

ASICS – Healthy soul in a healthy body

ASICS is a Japanese company that manufactures footwear and sports equipment. Through the introduction to the 21-Day Challenge, I learned their name is an acronym based on the Latin phrase anima sana in corpore sano. That translates as “Healthy soul in a healthy body.”

RunKeeper Connection

ASICS RunkeeperI was first introduced to ASICS when in 2016 they purchased RunKeeper, an app I’ve used for years to track all my cycling and running activities. Last year, ASICS came out with their own fitness app called ASICS Studio: Lift & Get Fit, a subscription-based app that has various workouts complete with coaches and appropriate music just like the classes you would take at your gym.

ASICS 21-Day Challenge

ASICS 21-Day ChallengeEach day, for 21 days, a new workout is offered up to the app users. With two days in the bag, as of the time of publishing this, it’s been a combination of dumbbell and body weight training, as well as cardio/heartrate-upping activities. The introduction also said meditation would be part of it at some point. Each day consists of around 30 minutes, with several sets of exercises made to challenge your body, and possibly introduce new ways to workout. The app plays music and has a coach throughout, just like a class at your local gym. But the app also shows you a timer, as well as an itinerary of what’s coming up. Looping video also shows you how to do the current exercise.

Smart Move, ASICS

ASICS is smart to be doing this challenge. In January, many people are looking to improve fitness, lose weight, and form new habits. The 21-Day Challenge essentially gives users a 3-week sampling of what the ASICS Studio app subscription offers.

After the Challenge concludes, users can upgrade to the premium version to have full access to workouts and training plans for just $14.99 per month/$49.99 per year.

The app has a good variety of workouts and exercises. While the challenge is already in progress, there’s nothing that says you can’t jump in a few days. What do you have to lose? Mayve a little body fat.

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