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Switching Aquarium From Power Filter to Canister

Currently, we’ve got a 40-gallon tank with just a single fish who’s been with us for several years so far. That single fish is huge. He’s a tiger Oscar and has grown a ton since we bought him. He’s large. He’s colorful, and he has a ton of personality.

Aquarium Woes

So back a couple months ago, we got a 26 gallon bowed-front aquarium on a wooden stand. Really cool. I’d always had 10 gallon tanks growing up and a lot of the care rules, etc. came back to me from that. But I never remember having to have so many chemicals as we do now. […]


So Amanda and I had a full night tonight… headed down to Chapel Hill for some Chinese food and then went and did some Christmas shopping. We ended up back at PetCo, where we got a real nice bowed-front aquarium and matching stand for the living room. Just a few minutes ago, we finished setting […]

Game Room Starts Its Morph to Office

So Amanda and I tackled the arduous task of moving my den into the game room after she did some cleaning up in the office first thing this morning. The moving of my L-shaped desk and all the computer components went super smoothly, and I was able to consolidate my stuff into fewer outlets, etc. […]

Rest Day

Rest is important in all facets of life. Your body needs time to repair and recover. So does your mind.Today was intended to be such a recovery day for mind and body. It wasn’t a total rest day. Yesterday was the yard blitz. Today we focused on the interior. I vacuumed the entire house and […]