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My Thoughts on The Passing of Eddie Van Halen

With the recent passing of Eddie Van Halen, I thought it was time to write something here — my own tribute to the guitar and overall music innovator.

Hagar Era Van Halen Solos Ranked

It’s cool to see a writeup of the solos of Eddie Van Halen from the Hagar-era. I grew up and was exposed to this era so much more and love it all.

Radio Personality Compares DLR and Hagar Van Halen Eras

Radio personality Eddie Trunk’s new book, Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal talks briefly about Van Halen and its three singers over the years.

Bruce Springsteen (With Tom Morello) Cover Van Halen’s ‘Jump’

Man, covers are rarely as good as the original. I definitely have yet to find a good Van Halen cover that is anywhere near as good as the original. I challenge you to find and welcome the comments otherwise. (more…)

Hitler Learns that Michael Anthony Won’t Be Touring With Van Halen

I’ve always been a fan of this Hitler Finds Out meme — utilizing footage of the German-made Downfall — really great movie, by the way. But if you’re unaware, the meme is all about rewriting the subtitles. (more…)