I’m a big fan of Zazzle. I’ve used them to make a few shirts for everyday wear around the agency offices or when I’m working from home in my little corner of the house.

More recently though, been using it for my ClosetNASCARFan gear. I’ve got all kinds ClosetNASCARFan.com gear on there, including T-shirts, stickers and even clocks and whiteboards.

Even though the traffic on that little ol’ site is still little (but growing) and I’ve yet to make a sale outside my family on gear over there, Zazzle’s still been great and easy to use.

Anyway, it turns out Zazzle also has a nice blog that they obviously use to promote and pepper with their own products. Below is an article that was both amusing and useful. They center it around selling and designing for Zazzle, but their five tips about working from home work for pretty much any job. You might say they hit close to home.

5 Ways to Stay Sane When Working from Home

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