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10 Foods to Fuel a 5K

With my second 5K of the year this coming Saturday, seeing this article was pretty good timing — a nice reasonable lists of foods for fueling those short races.

As for doing another 5K on the heels of the Kidney Kare 5K last month, I’m really trying to stick to running at least 1 a month for the remainder of 2013, maybe even mix in larger distances as my fitness continues to improve. A couple of us are already consistently able to hit 5+ miles on our lunch runs at a reasonable pace.

Let it be known though — despite recent trends, I’m still a cyclist first and foremost. Running is just a way to squeeze some workouts in on days I wouldn’t get a bike ride in on. I’ve definitely found though that my running helps my cycling, and vice versa.

10 Foods to Fuel a 5K


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